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F.B.C. Glandular fever, Direct Coombs, Reticulocyte Count, Differential WCC, Hb electrophoresis, Kleihauer, HbA1C, Parathormone, ACTH – transport to Lab on ice
I.N.R., A.P.T.T., Coag. Screen  
Group & Crossmatch  
U. & E., LFTs, Bone profile etc . All general Biochemistry tests, Serology tests, Antibiotic tests, Antibiotic Assays For lead& other metals, please contact Biochemistry Dept. CAH ext. 60846
Used in I.C.U. for U & E
Used for high dependency patients

Osmotic Fragility

Blood glucose  
Fertility Hormones  
Blood Culture Bottles 10ml each bottle  

Containers , swabs and transport media

Specimen containers and request forms are available from each of the three laboratories. In case of difficulty please contact the appropriate laboratory staff who will be pleased to help.


Faeces container
Version are available with or without spoon
CSF containers (plastic universal with blue label marked "CSF")
Swabs with transport medium
Tubes for clotted blood
Blood Culture
  • container for fluid from sterile site (except CSF and blood culture) with anticoagulant)
  • Pemasal swabs (on request only) for Bordetella pertussis (whooping cough)
  • Chlamydia collection kits (with Instructions)
  • Viral Transport Medium (this should be light pink/orange, discard when deep pink/cerise)
  • Fungal collection kit for fungal specimens e.g. scrapings, (Dermapak)
  • Transport media for Helicobacter pylori
Available on request from laboratory

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